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Encouraging and Equipping Women to Claim the Name of Kingdom Builder

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Educator, Podcaster + Writer

My name is Leah Rempel and I am joining you in the messy middle of a surrendered faith. I have been on a pursuit of holding the tension between a quiet faithfulness and an all out pursuit of servitude and extravagant love. 

The more that I have spoken to women, the more questions I realize we all have about the "HOW" of serving and putting our faith into action.

I am learning right alongside you as a mother, wife, entrepreneur, writer, and Christ follower from Edmonton, Canada


 This podcast is for women of faith who are ready to put their faith into action in every area of their life and to claim the name of “Kingdom Builder.” This practical podcast is not just a list of how-tos, but is here to prompt you to take action and adopt the KINGDOM way of life: Surrender to a Holy God. My name is Leah and I am joining you in the messy middle of a surrendered faith.

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Want to get ahold of us? Have some feedback? Want to share a podcast idea with us? Do you want to request Leah to speak at your next event?

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Edmonton, AB

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