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Caleb and I met when we were 16 years old, started dating at 19, and married by 21. And it has been 9 years of passionately pursuing Jesus together ever since. 

Nothing has pruned and exposed my deepest flaws more than motherhood. I had never known my truest need for Jesus until I became Micah’s mom. But it has been my greatest privilege and joy growing right alongside him.

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Jesus is my sun, moon and stars. I am faithfully surrendered to my Holy God.

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“Faith School” is the podcast that equips and encourages women to claim the name of Kingdom Builder and do whatever the Lord has called them to: the big and small moments of surrender.

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Having been a traditional school teacher, I know the life of an educator. Now I get to equip and educate women as they follow Jesus to surrender to Him and integrate their faith into all areas of their life.

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Equipping and Encouraging Women to Claim the Name of Kingdom Builder

My name is Leah Rempel, and I am joining you in the messy middle of a surrendered faith.


I long to live in the tension between a quiet faithfulness and an all-out pursuit of servitude and extravagant love. The more I speak to women of faith, the more questions I realize we all have about the "HOW" of serving and putting our faith into action.

I am learning right alongside you as a wife, mother, podcast host, entrepreneur, writer, and Christ follower from Edmonton, Canada.

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Inside Out

The work of kingdom building starts on the inside. It is a revealing and transforming of our own hearts and minds. But we can’t stop there. Our transformation is to shine light into dark places, giving God all the glory.

Integrated Faith

Faith is NOT just for Sundays. It is a way of life. God lives in the every day, mundane and the deep, dark parts of our stories. He can be infused into every area of culture and personal interest. Our God does not hide from anything we experience, so let's invite Him in!

You are meant to live life ALL IN for God. This means we make our passions, talents and resources available to show the world the love of Jesus. We create opportunities to bring justice and love to a broken world.

Personal Ministries

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