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A Lesson in Improv + Dependent Faith with Karen Cassady

Do you love to laugh? I mean, really, who doesn’t? While we all might find humour in different places, the art of comedy and the gift of laughter truly do make this world a better place. So, why wouldn’t we use this gift to build God’s kingdom? Whether you are looking for how to tell better jokes or you want to use the tools from the art of comedy while discipling others or telling others about Jesus, there is something here for you with my guest, improv comedian Karen Cassady.

Karen answers questions like...

  • Why does God’s kingdom need comedians? (I really think it does!)

  • Where would you draw the connection between faith and comedy?

  • How do you find yourself depending on God through this profession?

  • There are many skills that an improv comedian has that could play a role in our kingdom building. Could you give us some tips on each one?

Karen is a freelance artist and improviser in Atlanta, Georgia. She is an ensemble member and teacher at Dad’s Garage Theater and has called it her family and home for the last ten years. While she mainly does live theater and comedy, She has done a few television spots for Adult Swim and commercials for Gas South and Aaron’s Appliances. During the pandemic, she discovered the wild world of TikTok and has built a following of over 1.3 million in under a year. Since then, she has been featured on Buzzfeed, 11 Alive News, and others. She produces solo comedy sketches involving various characters but is known mainly for her comedic “Teacher” videos. She now works as an influencer creating content for millions on TikTok and Instagram and is excited about the many doors and opportunities opening up because of it. She is thrilled and honored to provide laughter and smiles when people need it the most.


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