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A Step by Step Guide to Discipleship

Updated: Mar 17, 2021

Lauren Alexander is joining me today to chat about all the difference between discipleship and mentoring, how she has personally been impacted by intentional discipleship and some practical things we can do to step into obedience in this area.

This episode is GOLD. There are some really encouraging nuggets here. Lauren’s approach to discipleship addresses both the heart, the mind and she gives us some super practical steps to both lead others and be led! You are going to leave this episode feeling more equipped and EXCITED to jump into discipleship.

Lauren Alexander is a conference and event speaker specializing in making connections with women from every walk of life and discipling them toward greater maturity in Christ. She has been serving groups of women at retreats and events for over 15 years. She also hosts the popular live social media chat on Facebook called All the Things with Lauren Alexander. Lauren Is a lifelong Hoosier, and received her bachelor's degree in Religious Studies from Oakland City University. She serves the body of Christ with her husband, Seth, who is the pastor at First Baptist Church in Bicknell, Indiana. They both have a sweet spot for the local church, especially rural areas that are under-resourced. Seth and Lauren have four funny and spirited children: Tabbi, Heather, Ty, and Elijah Burke. 

Recommended Resources:

Put Your Warrior Boots On by Lisa Wittle;

1 Thessalonians

Connect with Lauren:

IG: @allthethingslauren

FB: /allthethingswithlaurenalexander


Connect with Leah:

IG: @leah.rempel

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