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Anna Ptak: Advocacy + Overcoming Sex Trafficking

Updated: Mar 17, 2021

Anna Ptak is an international speaker, policy consultant, and ethical fashion designer. Anna shares her story of triumph and overcoming her journey of being trafficked in the US. She is now a leader in the movement to end human trafficking.

Anna speaks very openly about her story, her struggles, and most importantly, about a God that has brought redemption and freedom. She offers us some real, deep insight as to why it is so important that we listen first, extract information, then make moves based on what we have learned. Making assumptions about the needs of other people—especially vulnerable people—could take us down the wrong path.

This conversation will encourage you to listen to survivor stories and HONOUR survivors. AND you will see just how important it is to keep supporting organizations that are doing amazing recovery work.

Anna answers questions like...

  • What do you believe made it possible for you to recover from the trauma you went through?

  • What do you know about God because of your journey?

  • What do you believe is the key to being an advocate that truly honours those who have been directly impacted by human trafficking or sexual exploitation?


  • Mercy Multiplied

  • National Center on Sexual Exploitation

  • Fight the New Drug

Connect with Leah:

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FB: Intentional Women of Faith

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Connect with Anna:

IG: @mrsannaptak

FB: @mrsannaptak



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