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Art + Beauty: Created to Create

Updated: Mar 17, 2021

I have never been much of an artist.

I have taught myself to do a little watercolor (very amature hour), I love hand lettering and creating with words BUT my main craft has been photography. There is something so rewarding about capturing the perfect shot. Sometimes, I snap a photo and it is awful, so many changes have to be made to my settings. Other times, I take a picture and on the screen, it looks amazing but I get home and on the computer it is out of focus… It is enough to drive you crazy!

But sometimes, you get the PERFECT shot. The one where you literally do a happy dance in front of your clients or subject because you KNOW you nailed it (and yes they might think you are crazy). The light is perfect, the framing is creative and the focus is spot on. It is a holy experience and I don't’ say that lightly. Here is the thing, I think sometimes art is the sacred reflection of a Holy God. Beauty is gifted to us by Him and the eye and awe for beauty is a touch of His Spirit. I think my guest today is really going to open your eyes to the beauty and world around you, if we only ask for God to reveal it to us.

Julia and I chatted earlier this summer about beauty, art and creativity and I have to be honest, it was SUCH a refreshing conversation. Like I said, I am not an artist by nature so to have an actual artist’s perspective on this topic was such a gift.

Julia answers questions like...

  • Where do you see art and beauty woven into the Christian faith?

  • How can we use art + beauty to point people to Jesus?

  • What is the sort of posture we may need to have to see God in the art/beauty around us?

Julia Amting is a storyteller, writer, artist, college student, and future public relations professional passionate about using media to further the kingdom. Writing weekly devotionals, she has been blogging and writing for over four years and owns an art business. She loves coffee, hiking, and learning people’s stories, and hopes that her internet presence can be a space where people encounter beauty.


Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

Connect with Julia:

IG: @juliaamting


Connect with Leah:

IG: @leah.rempel

FB: Intentional Women of Faith



Listen Here!

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