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Cultivating a Sabbath Practice

Updated: Mar 17, 2021

Sabbath has been one of the most precious gifts in my walk with the Lord and I want EVERYONE to join in on this very life giving practice. So, in this episode, we chat about cultivating a beautiful Sabbath practice, giving you practical tips and ideas to really make the most of your Sabbath experience.

Becca has a unique take on Sabbath because of her life in Israel, where the city basically shuts down every Saturday for the Jewish people who live there, but she gets the absolute gift of being included in that experience.

We also chat about her passion for women walking through relationships that could lead to marriage and how to prepare for THE NEXT BIG STEP.

Becca Treharne lives in Jerusalem, Israel with her husband, where they both serve with an International nonprofit. Having lived in Jerusalem for nearly 4 years Becca has a unique perspective on Sabbath. She feels called to help upcoming generations serve the Lord wholeheartedly by leading with practical examples. She is passionate about helping young women walk through relationships before marriage; a unique season filled with opportunity to grow and lay foundations for a future marriage.

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IG: @r.l.treharne


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