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Dating in Light of God's Kingdom: Evie Rupp & Landon Mcleod

Updated: Apr 20, 2021


The season of dating has it's fair share of challenges.

So I had to ask these two how they have chosen to honour God and each other in their dating relationship. It was GOLD.

In this episode, Evie and Landon answer questions like...

  • What has putting God first looked like for you guys within your relationship?

  • What has honouring one another looked like at this stage of your relationship (differences, choices, personality, passions, etc.)?

  • What practices, disciplines, or practical things do you guys do together to make space for God in your relationship?

Evie Rupp and Landon McLeod are both photographers and multi-passionate entrepreneurs with a love for adventure. They are in the midst of their dating relationship and have a lot to share about how they are honouring God and one another in their relationship.


Connect with Leah:

IG: @leah.rempel

FB: Intentional Women of Faith

Shop: RedBubble Shop , I68Shop

Connect with Evie + Landon:

Evie's Instagram: @evierupp

Evie's Website:

The Heart University

The Heart and Hustle Podcast

Landon's Instagram: @landonmcleod_

Landon's Website:


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