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Friending Like Jesus with Noelle Rhodes

Updated: Mar 17, 2021

Let’s be honest for a minute.

Adult friendships are NO JOKE.

I have loved and lost many friendships in my adult lifetime and what I have learned most recently is how much friendships matter to Christ. Navigating friendships through all of the changes this year has brought has definitely been challenging. Differing political opinions, “to mask or not to mask?” and the amount of times referencing Hamilton is appropriate are all up for debate. But friendships truly matter, so how do we navigate them well and in a way that is always pointed to Christ?

Noelle and I chat all things friendship in this episode! From figuring out friendships with people who are really different than us to boundaries to super practical tips for maintaining life giving friendships, we cover a lot of ground here.

  • How do we get the courage to keep trying to develop and grow our friendships?

  • How can we be a good, empathetic friend with those are just really different or differ in beliefs?

  • Why do we need to stick friendships out? What do friendships do for us in our faith?

Noelle Rhodes is the creator of Friending, a podcast about female friendship. In addition to podcasting, she speaks at universities, conferences, workshops, and schools about loneliness and how to be the friend you always wanted to have. She is a proud to be a Jersey girl who happily resides in the Garden State with her wild family.  Her mission is to help women and girls grow healthy female friendships in their life.


Recommended Resources:

How to Walk Away from Toxic People by Gary Thomas

Connect with Noelle:

Friending Podcast


IG: @yourfriendnoelle

FB: Friending Squad

Connect with Leah:


IG: @leah.rempel

FB: Intentional Women of Faith

Listen Here!

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