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How Decorating Your Home Can Build God's Kingdom

Updated: Aug 17, 2021

Have you ever felt really stuck while decorating your home?

Or maybe you wonder... "Does this even matter?"

In this conversation, we are going to give you so many practical tips for creating spaces that you will love to be in, that will be welcoming to those you love, and that will make your home a place that can help build God’s kingdom!

Shannon will answer questions like...

  • How can our home point others to Jesus? How does it build God’s kingdom?

  • What is a "house blessing"?

  • Why should we care about the aesthetics or beauty in our home?

Plus SO many more practical decorating tips and tricks!

Shannon Acheson is a mostly self-taught designer, decorator, writer, and stylist. Although she has completed her interior design training, she’d much rather teach you how to decorate your own home than do it for you. She is the editor and designer behind the design and lifestyle company and blog Her happy place is in the suburbs of Toronto, where she is a Homebody with a capital H, a Jesus girl, a happy wife to Dean, and a non-traditional homeschooling mom of two teenagers and a twenty-year-old.


Connect with Leah:

IG: @leah.rempel

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Connect with Shannon:

IG: @home.made.lovely



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