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How Habits Fuel Faith with Jen Pollock Michel

Updated: Jul 31, 2021

What are your habits of faith?

What comes to mind when I say that? Do you have faith habits that ground you and keep you centered on God, even when the going gets tough? This episode, we are going to get into the benefits of faith habits, why they are important to our Christian faith, and how they can actually be the key to others entering the faith!

Jen answers questions like...

  • There are some who do not want their faith to become "religious" or routine. Even then, why do we want to make faith a habit?

  • Is there a particular heart posture we need to make our faith more than a mere habit but a continual, life-giving spiritual experience?

  • In the book, you include the faith habit of scripture. What other habits of faith do you consider to be the most vital to our Christian experience?

Jen Pollock Michel is the award-winning author of Teach Us to Want, Keeping Place, and Surprised by Paradox. She holds a B.A. in French from Wheaton College and an M.A. in Literature from Northwestern University. An American living in Toronto, Jen is a wife and mother of five. She is the lead editor for Imprint magazine, published by the Grace Centre for the Arts, and host of the Englewood Review of Books podcast.


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