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How Jesus Meets Us in Our Mess: A Redemption Story with Holly Hayes

Updated: Apr 20, 2021


This conversation is very special, even anointed. Holly is going to tell it to you as it is and give you a perspective that so many of us need to hear. She seriously challenged my own viewpoints on how we treat those who are experiencing trauma. She speaks in jails, churches, recovery communities, and conferences all over the globe about transformation from trauma and the Redeemer who can lift any life from the pit.

Holly Hayes is the founder + CEO of Sanctuary Project, a survivor-run non-profit social enterprise employing and empowering women who’ve survived lives of trafficking, violence, and addiction in Austin, Texas. An award-winning author of the book From Basement to Sanctuary, she is passionate about sharing her vulnerable journey of healing.

Holly answers questions like...

  • What should we know about women specifically who have experienced trauma like the girls you work with?

  • How can we come alongside other women like them in our own communities on a personal level?

  • How do we as a corporate church community make safe spaces for women who have experienced trauma or abuse?


Connect with Leah:

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Connect with Holly

IG: @HollyChristineHayes

FB: @HollyChristineHayes


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