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How to Build a Family Culture with Kingdom Values with Kimberly Amici

What do you think of when you think of your family?

What would others say about your family? Are you a family of unshakeable faith? Creativity? Hospitality? Or even FUN? In today’s episode with Kimberly Amici, we begin looking at our own family culture, what that means, how to establish and maintain it, and how we can use it to build God’s kingdom.

Kim answers questions like...

  • How do you suggest honouring the individual differences of each family member within a family culture?

  • If we are talking to a family of faith, how would you suggest they approach this differently than a secular family?

  • In the faith, we often talk about being counter-cultural. What does this look like as we are building our own unique family culture?

Kimberly Amici is known for her creativity, strong faith, and commitment to living life with purpose and passion. She is an entrepreneur, designer, and podcast producer. She is the founder of Build Your Best Family, which helps people live a life of purpose with the ones they love and become the family they were meant to be through podcasts, courses, and personal coaching. Kimberly writes at She lives with her husband Carl and their three teenagers in the NYC suburbs.


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  • The Secrets of Happy Families: Improve Your Mornings, Rethink Family Dinner, Fight Smarter, Go Out and Play, and Much More by Bruce Feiler

  • Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action by Simon Sinek

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