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How to Develop a Life-Giving Personal Ministry with Leah Rempel

How to Develop a Life-Giving Personal Ministry with Leah Rempel

There is pressure like never before to discover and pursue your life’s purpose. So many people live looking for purpose and feel unfulfilled when they are living for themselves. I have been there. I used to rely so heavily on my own accomplishments to give me purpose. Whether it was academics, athletics, or titles, I used that as fuel to get me through life. No win, no purpose. I think so many of you probably feel the same.

I think I know why.

Because you are not fulfilling—or you don’t know—your ultimate mission: to point people towards Jesus and the Kingdom in your own God-given way.

This is not an episode about dropping everything to start a non-profit, or business, or moving across the ocean to share with other people groups and cultures. That may be your thing, but, most likely, that is not your call. This episode IS going to encourage you to start small, and be obedient right where God has you.

Leah answers...

  • What is a personal ministry?

  • Why do you need a personal ministry?

  • What are your first steps towards a personal ministry?

  • How do we know our place in the Kingdom of God?


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