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How to Embrace Wellness for Lifelong Ministry

Updated: Mar 17, 2021

I don’t know about you but I have to admit I am TERRIBLE at self-care.

Since having my son 3.5 years ago, it became even more obvious that it was a problem and something needed to change. No sleep, terrible eating habits and no boundaries in my commitments. There was simply NO SPACE to recover from the upheaval of my life. It was then that I purposefully put some practices into my life that were extremely helpful in re-connecting myself to God, experiencing more peace and then being inspired and motivated to move forward.

Self-care and wellness are not exact equivalents however. Self-care is more bubble baths and wellness is really practically setting aside time to take actual care of your mind, soul and BODY. Something that a lot of believers often forget. If we want to be effective in our personal and ministry lives for the long run, we have to put the time into our own wellness.

Frances and my conversation gets real about what holds us back from actually caring about our overall wellness, breaking those lies and some practical steps we can all take to start our own wellness journeys. We also talk about her ministry which is doing INCREDIBLE work with families and how we can actually adopt their methods in our own communities. Stick around until the end of the podcast to hear more of that.

Frances Chaisson was born and raised Puerto Rican but has been living in Florida for the last 20 years. She and her husband, Jeff, run the Salty Family Ministries, a social services ministry dedicated to strengthening families and keeping children out of foster care. She is also a Master Certified Wellness Coach.

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