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How to Prepare for Fall

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

August is right around the corner and it is just a great time of year to reflect and get prepped for a new season, to use the slow summer days to dream of what fall can bring. Maybe this is the teacher in me.

The transition from August to September is one of my FAVORITES.

Here is why. August is still full on summer. The beach, ice cream, reading and slow days. Fall comes and there is a newness yet normalcy to our schedule, which I really welcome. August is when I start really dreaming of the kind of year we are going to have.

This week, I am giving you a mini-workshop and word of encouragement about the transition from Summer to Fall. This season is full of possibilities! I love taking August to dream of all the new opportunities that this time of the year brings. You are meant to bring light to the world in the name of Jesus, so pray He would show you how He wants you to participate this year!


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