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How to Pursue Life-Changing Intimacy with God with Mo Aiken

Being fully known and loved by God is one of the greatest gifts that Christianity has over every other religion. We have a God who sees every vulnerable detail of us and loves us anyway. But what does that really mean?

My guest, Mo Aiken, breaks down what it means to be known, drawing attention to the parallels between physical intimacy and spiritual intimacy and what that means for us practically. Can’t wait for you to hear this one!

Mo answers questions like...

  • With the year we've had, we all feel so burned out and discouraged. How can being intimate with God, being fully known by Him, encourage us through those seasons of our lives?

  • Let’s assume we all want to go deeper in our spiritual walks and we want deeper intimacy with God. What does that look like practically? What are some steps, practices, or tools that could bring life back into our relationship with God?

  • How will personally pursuing an intimate relationship with God impact His kingdom and the world around us?

Mo Aiken colabors for the kingdom within BOLDLIFE INITIATIVE, a ministry that exists to challenge, encourage, and equip Christ followers to pursue holy and bold lives. Her family team maintains a thriving nationwide speaking ministry and facilitates a faith-centered blog that has garnered millions of views to date.


Matthew 7:21–23

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Fully Known by Mo Aiken

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