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Leah in the Lab: Sabbath

Updated: Mar 17, 2021

This week is the first "Leah in the Lab" episode and we are creating a Sabbath practice for you!

Sabbath is the ultimate experience of weekly rest and worship. It is the vacation you get to have EVERY week. In this episode, Leah walks you through what a typical Sabbath practice could look like for you, giving some of her best tips and tricks for preparing and executing your new favourite day of the week.

She answers some questions like...

  • How do you prepare for Sabbath?

  • What happens when you have KIDS? How do you include them?

  • What are some ideas for rest AND worship?

  • How do you set BOUNDARIES to protect Sabbath?



John Mark Comer + Annie F. Downs Conversation

The Bible Project Sabbath Video

Sabbath Verses

Sabbath: Old + New Testament

Connect with Leah:

IG: @leah.rempel

FB: Intentional Women of Faith


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