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Loving the Outcasts: Motherhood + ADHD

Updated: Mar 17, 2021

This month is ADHD awareness month and so it is so appropriate that we have Patricia Sung on the show. As she mentions, our stereotype of this diagnosis is often of young boys but she says that it is so much more common than you think. So, while you may not have ADHD yourself, you are going to encounter people who do have it and knowing a little more about how it works may lead to more opportunities to love and support others. We also talk beyond just ADHD and tap into the importance of vulnerability + community and Jesus love of the outcasts.

Patricia answers questions like...

  1. What does it mean to have a community of women who experience some of the same things as you do?

  2. How can we as a church better accommodate for people who have these types of diagnoses?  

  3. What do you know about God that I don’t because of your diagnosis? 

Patricia Sung helps disorganized moms get their "it" together one step at a time and feel confident running their family life. After years of serial entrepreneurship, and teaching high school & middle school, she has a uniquely practical perspective on strategies for building a life that works when your brain is different. It is her hope that her The Motherhood in ADHD Podcast is a lighthouse for mamas who have ADHD.

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