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The Keys to Launching Your Sabbath Practice with Leah Rempel

Today, we are REPLAYING an episode about one of my favorite topics: Sabbath. This episode is packed with why you should start a practice, the importance of rhythms and some SUPER practical tips to get you started! No matter if you are a busy mom or a single young adult, there is something here for you because Sabbath is for EVERYONE.

Leah answers some questions like...

  • How do you prepare for Sabbath?

  • What happens when you have KIDS? How do you include them?

  • What are some ideas for rest AND worship?

  • How do you set BOUNDARIES to protect Sabbath?


John Mark Comer + Annie F. Downs Conversation

The Bible Project Sabbath Video

Sabbath Verses

Sabbath: Old + New Testament

Connect with Leah:

IG: @leah.rempel

IG: @faithschoolpod

FB: Faith School


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