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Untangling Our Hearts

Updated: Mar 17, 2021

I think we would all agree that weeds in our garden are THE WORST.

I remember as a kid, that was my sister and I’s job: to pull weeds from the gardens, sidewalk and the fire pit area. While I realize now that this was probably my mom’s idea of just keeping us busy during the summer because let’s face it, she is a REAL gardener and I am NOT, we all have probably had to pick some of those nasty dandelions out of our garden. My guest in this episode talks about this very thing. That in our own lives, these weeds also need to be pulled out in partnership with God so that we can effectively serve Him and love others well.

In this conversation, Jaclyn and I break down what it means and looks like to really partner with God in the untangling of our own hearts and beliefs:

  • What is holding us back from really handing ourselves over to the Lord?

  • How can we truly experience freedom?

  • How can we embrace the process?

Jaclyn Weidner is host of the Ready to Thrive podcast where she helps women move from surviving to thriving through practical tips and inviting Jesus into every part of their lives. She lives in Cloverdale, BC with her husband Brendan and 3 little girls. She is the author of Tangled: A Soul Care Revival Guide, a 6-week study helping women break free from all that is keeping them entangled. 


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