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Why Your Story is Powerful with Mary Marantz

Updated: Apr 20, 2021


Have you ever asked yourself:

"Does my story even matter?"

Mary and I dig into the importance of digging into our own stories, how to make peace with them and the people in them AND God’s amazing power to redeem even the muddiest parts of our stories. While you may not be able to relate to Mary’s story, I think that you will see how God uses all of our stories to draw us to Himself.

Mary answers questions like...

  • How does making peace with or wrestling with our own stories lend to building God’s Kingdom?

  • Practically, how do we begin to make peace with our own stories or the people that helped shape our stories?

Mary Marantz is an author, speaker, and podcast host. The first of her immediate family to go to college, she went on to earn a law degree from the nation's top-ranked law school, Yale. After ditching six-figure-salary law firm offers in London and New York, she started a business with her husband, Justin. Together they have built a successful online education platform for creative entrepreneurs. She is also the host of the highly-ranked and popular podcast The Mary Marantz Show. She lives in an 1880s fixer-upper by the sea in New Haven, Connecticut, with her husband, Justin and their two very fluffy golden retrievers, Goodspeed and Atticus.

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