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Writing to Leave an Indelible Mark on the Soul

Updated: Mar 17, 2021

While many of you won’t consider yourself a “writer,” we can all admit that we have personally been touched by someone else’s words.

Words have impact. But what if our own words could impact us, whether it be in a personal journal entry or a note on a Post It.

Writing builds relationships with others, but what if it could bring you closer to Christ? Today’s episode explores the importance and impact of writing, and we are speaking with a true expert, Rachel Kang.

Rachel and I speak honestly about the pursuit of writing as a way of nourishing our soul, where to find inspiration to write, how to make time to write no matter the season. This conversation was so refreshing and really invites us ALL to put pen to paper, whether for ourselves, to write our prayers, to organize and process our thoughts or to encourage and minister to others. It left me feeling very inspired and ready to dive into a regular writing practice.

Rachel Kang is a writer of prose, poems, and other pieces that whisper into the thin tension held between faith and life. She is the creator of Indelible Ink Writers, an online writing community. Her work and writings can be found at

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