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2020 Honest Evaluation

Grab this FREE 2020 Honest Evaluation that will give you some direction using reflecting on the past as you make your 2020 resolutions and goals!

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Monthly Exploration: New

What does it mean to start 'new'? This exploration exercise will get you digging in to the word 'new' and how it applies to our lives. In this resource, you will find:

  • Room to brainstorm what 'new' means to you

  • Activity suggestions

  • Journal prompts

Resources for the beginning or seasoned stages for intentional women of faith.

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Intentional Faith Christmas Guide

Let me help you out and help you get LASER focussed on what really matters to you and yours this Christmas season.

This guide will help you...

  • Figure out "What matters" to you

  • Intentional ways to be generous, experience connection and go on adventures!

  • Embrace the gift of ADVENT.

It is a one stop, FREE  guide to help even the most stressed out women out there. Let's start at the core and build up to experience the most Christ-centered Christmas you could possibly imagine.